Mittwoch, 2. Juni 2010

The End - Back to Meenz

Hey guys,

this is my last entry in this BLOG! Yesterday after a long and strenuous journey my father and I arrived in Mainz. But I want to tell you what we have seen on our journey!

We had to catch a ferry, so we set out for Newcastle.

The start of the journey showed us; never trust your navigation device blindly. It leads you so often wrong! It set a route cross the country between the Firth of Tay and the Firth of Forth, beside St. Andrews on an interstate road. But we took the motorway around which was definitely faster! Near Edinburgh it drove us to a roundabout where we should change the motorways which did not exist anymore. Just as clever as its programmer!

On the half way between Edinburgh and Newcastle we made a stop in Berwick-upon-Tweed which is the northernmost English city on the island. Fourteen times the area of control changed between England and Scotland. Queen Elizabeth I. of England had a massive stronghold built. This can still be seen.

The guardhouse reminds me from another one in ... Berlin!

And the weather was of course great again!

After that it was just a short trip to Newcastle harbour. Here the Princess of Norway was already waiting for us!

It reminded me, why I did not like to take the ferry. It swung and swung. It's a wonder that I did not get sea sick.

After an early arriving in Amsterdam and a long journey over German motorways we arrived at last in Mainz.

What is left to say? It was a great year in and around Dundee. Sometimes pretty hard, but that's life. The people were really nice and their lifestyle was sometimes so much better than here in Germany! And the weather, well you see the last few photos, amazing! Although winter with the short days was a bit depressing. No sun! But that was just a short time. To go there was like one of the tutors said a crazy idea due to all the differences. And it was, but I would do it every time again! It was totally worth!

And now, start back in Germany, how did Scotland change me? I guess the future will show that!


P.S.: And a last video which fit quite good

Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

Last Weekend In Dundee

Hey guys,

I just want to give a feedback from my last weekend in Dundee, because tomorrow it's going back to Mainz.

So, what had all happened over my last few days?

Yeah, on Wednesday I beat Kev, the guy from the Games Workshop Store in my last Lord of the Rings battle on "Enemy's Terrain" *G* and leave Tolkiens country with a positive result.

On Friday I went to Fraser birthday party. It was great to see most of the guys a last time. During some nice drinks, we had some chats about, what we do in summer and if I had like my year in Scotland, what I did. After that we went to the Liquid and when they closed we had a last beer in the casino, while we were watching some guys playing blackjack or roulette.

Well, and yesterday my father arrived from his long journey with the ferry. So we went to a pub having nice dinner and a pint of beer and a whiskey. After that we watched the grand final of the ESC with the first German victory since 28 years!!

Today we had a walk through the city, doing some last shopping, got my model from the university and started packing the car!

And at last, even if it is a German car, I could drive on the WRONG side of the street! Actually it is not that difficult, than I thought!


Samstag, 29. Mai 2010


Hey guys,

have you seen that?? Lena, no we are winner of the EUROVISION Song Contest. I can not believe it! OK, Lena and Raab had definitely a great song compared to countries like Spain, France and Russia. Oh my good they were so awful!! And almost every country gave us some points. Some just a few, but some gave us some really big points!! I am a bit sorry for the UK. 10 Points and the last place ain't fair. You were not that bad!!

Now, next year we got the big show. And I hope Raab is doing a great job again!!


And here is the winner!!

Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010


Hey guys,

due to the fact, that yesterday was such a nice day I went together with some course mates to Elie. Elie is a small fishing village 25 miles south from Dundee. After a short breakfast we first made a walk along the golf course

to the cliff where they had an arranged climbing route.

Some places where really tricky.

But in the end it was worth it.

After we took a route to the top of the hill, because on one place we could not continue due to a probably 2 meter deep part of see, we passed some old British WWII bunkers, we went back to the start.

After that we drove to the harbour. There we met some of the other students who had already started with the BBQ. But before we joined them some of us and me changed into our swim clothes and went to the pier, from where we jumped into the sea. It was cold, although not as cold as I had expected.

After the BBQ we played some ball games, lay in the sun and had a beer or cider.

On our way back, we stopped in another village for some fish and chips. At the coast they are always the best!!


Montag, 24. Mai 2010

Sweeney Todd

Hey guys,

tonight I have been in the Dundee REP Theatre where they showed the musical Sweeney Todd.

The Demon Barber of Fleet Street became quite famous due to Tim Burton's musical-movie with Johnny Depp. And the performance of the actors in theatre designed by Richard Murphy played and sang on a same high level. I was very impressed due the scene with the shaving duel with Pirelli. With the same elegance and speed David Birrell, who played Sweeney Todd, shaved his volunteer. The more industrial looking stage did not bother as well, because it played during the industrial revolution, so that was fine.

Beside the good play of the actors, the lightning was really good and you could every time feel the atmosphere of the scene. This all has been rounded off with live music from a small orchestra in the background!

Everyone who loved the film will do the same with the musical as well, and any other will be good entertained. And for a price of 8 Pound for almost three hours of high class entertainment, that's definitely cheap.


Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

LOST - The End

If you watch LOST, read this only if you already saw most of Season 6. This May contain SPOILERS

Hey guys,

at this point I have to come out as a big LOST fan. It is my favourite TV series over the last few years. And tonight at 7/6 C the journey of Jack and co. comes to an end in the last episode with felicitous title "The End". After 6 great years with usually more questions than answers, like what is the smoke monster and what makes the island so special, we will see what this was all about. Is it a Happy End, or does the Man in Black win and leaves the island? I read no theories about the end, because I did not what to destroy the suspense which grew over the last 6 years. I only watched one trailer in a moment of weakness and regretted it at the same moment.

Probably a lot of fans will not be disappointed what Cuse and Lindelof will serve us, but I guess it is going to be a great show with a lot of action, drama and feelings. I am sure that they did their best. And I guess Michael Giacchino, one of my favourite composers, will do a great job too. I hope that he gets a Grammy for that lovely and empathising soundtrack at the end.

This lovely cartoon from Joscha Sauer was placed over the whole season on my desktop.

See more of his cartoons on:



Freitag, 21. Mai 2010

ADAS BBQ and the Degree Show

Hey guys,

the year it's coming to its end and so we all get a bit relaxed.

After getting our degrees yesterday, the ADAS (Assoication of Dundee Architecture Students) arranged a BBQ in the Magdalen Green to celebrate the end of the year

We had great weather, and by the fact that I forgot to use some sun cream I got a sunburn. But it's alright.

Today we met with our tutor Jamie in a beer garde near the School of Architecture ...

... before we went to the Degree Show in the Matthew building were selected students from the different years got some awards. It is also a chance for the students to show their family what they and the university did.

I am a bit dissepointed, that we don't have have something simulare back in Germany.