Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

Re-opening of the Dundee Art Gallery & Museum

Hey guys,

I am just back, from the re-opening of the McManus Museum. After two years of restoration it has been re-opened for public today. And I was there, and a lot of other people.

In it, history meets modernity!

They Play with light, colours and materials!

In the cafeteria, I meet an old man, James B S Mann. He is a true Dundonian. With him I joined the museum, and he told me a lot of stories about the exhibits and of Dundee's history and Scottish artists.


Samstag, 20. Februar 2010

From the Trojan War, the Odyssey and the Armageddon

Hey guys,

Oh boy, what a week! On Tuesday I told you of the Trojan attacks of my laptop. What happened after my last BLOG?

From The Trojan War:

Well, I went to Hugh, that's the IT guy from our department. He first tried to start with the last known configuration. This did not work. Then we uninstalled AVIRA and reinstalled a new Edition. And again, it did not work. The Trojans won, I could not break through their walls.

But I got a Trojan horse, the Windows recovery CD. OK this means, all my files would be gone, but what should I do.

From the Odyssey:

So I waited for the software which had to be sent to Dundee from Germany via DHL International Express! But unfortunately I had to leave the flat after 12 because I had to continue the work on my design and I could not just stay home and do nothing! It seemed that DHL came in the hour between when I left and my flatmate returned. But they did not leave an information, and if I had not called my mom to check the status I would not have any idea where it was. So I phoned DHL and said, that I want it to redeliver on Friday. I stayed the whole day in my flat, and no one came. So I called DHL again, and it turned out that they forgot my parcel. But they told me, that they definitely deliver it on Monday. When I heard that, I went crazy and insisted on a delivery at this weekend. So she spoke to a manager and they organised one of their employs who stays in Dundee to deliver it to me on his way home.

This time the mountain came to the prophet and Ithaca found me. I just hugged the guy when he came, because I was desperate as you can not believe it. So I was happy again. At the moment I install all the systems and hope that all will be fine again!

From the Armageddon:

Working in my room I can always see, what is happening in front of the pub on the other site of the street. And yesterday at 8 pm it was Armageddon! I mean I saw some street fights but yesterday, that was a new dimension. Police came with at least 6 and sprinters and arrested a lot of the people! That was hell!


Dienstag, 16. Februar 2010

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!

Hey guys,

I just thought yesterday is a bad day and it can't get worst. I mean, I missed the most important day in the year "Rosenmontag". But then I got after some good reviews a quite bad one yesterday. But this is nothing, to things that happened in the later evening!!

Suddenly the Windows Security alert turned on, telling me that my system has infected. I shut down the Wi-Fi, and started Avira. But so often Windows said: "This application can not be executed, because avscan.exe (which is Avira) has been infected!" Avira found nothing, while the Windows Virus software found a couple of Trojans, which tried to connect me to some XXX-sites. I don't know from where I got this shit because I didn't use any homepage I haven't used for long time!!

Means I have to reinstall my system and loose all my files since my last backup, which was in September!

The only good thing is, that my computer my be a bit faster after that ;-)


Montag, 15. Februar 2010

Have a nice Rosenmontag

Helau guys,

I wish you all a nice Rosenmontag. Celebrate Fastnacht until the cathedral shakes!! I am definitely going to miss it ;-(