Dienstag, 27. April 2010

First HiRes Rendering for my Project

Hey guys,

after some test renderings for my project I just finished (after 18h, 25 min & 58 sec) my first High Resolution rendering. It's one of the toilets. Hope you like it.


Montag, 26. April 2010

Torsten back in Wonderland

Hey guys,

this weekend was a nice one, because my cousin Torsten came back for a visit, this time with his girlfriend Anastasia. And they were lucky, because their flight was one of the first which flew regular after the eruption of the Icelandic volcano.

After a lunch (Steak Pie), we went to the McManus Museum and in the evening to some pubs. We ended up in The Bank Bar, where they played live music. I love that!!

Whilst I had to do some work on Saturday, they went to Edinburgh.

But therefore I got a free Sunday. First we went together to the Celtic match in Dundee. OK, Dundee lost 0:2, but there was all we need. A second yellow card, a penalty kick, skirmish on the field and molesting fans. And this all by a nice sunny weather!

After that we took the bus to St. Andrews were we walked through the old city, along the cathedral and the Old course to the beach. After some Fish and Chips we went back home.

We ended the day with watching the new Alice in Wonderland from Tim Burton. I liked that one, with its dark Burton style!


Freitag, 23. April 2010

The Isle of Skye - Part I

Hey guys,

sorry that my report is coming so late, but I had to focus a bit more on my dissertation and presentation. But now to Skye:

On Skye, Knut and I hiked the most of the time. At Easter Tuesday, we started our tour through Skye with a walk along the Fairy Pools at the basement of the Cuillin. Fairy Pools are natural pools which had been developed due to the movement of glaciers.

After that we visited the Talisker Distillery, the only Whiskey distillery on Skye.

The last destination on that day was the Dunvegan Castle.

And we also saw the famous cattles.

At Wednesday we went to the Neist Point Lighthouse.

There we walked along the cost, which was really nice, especially the geometry of the cliff. There we also saw young spiny lobsters.

After that we went to Loch Greshornish

After it started to rain, we went cross the road and used a shortcut through the boscage. This felt a bit like a mixture of LOST and The Lord of the Rings.

Next time I will report of the other two days on Skye and pictures of the monster of Loch Ness.


Sonntag, 11. April 2010

There can be only one

Hey guys,

Knut and I arrived yesterday evening back in Dundee, by the fakt, that we had no internet I will post my reports over the next few days.

On Easter Sunday we went back to Glasgow where we joint one of the City-Tour buses. First stop was the School of Art. Unfortunately the Willow Tea Room was closed on Sunday, so we had to find another place for lunch. So, we took the next bus and left at our second stop, the Glasgow Green that is a park in the east of Glasgow. In the People's Place we had lunch.

After that we made a walk along the bank of the Clyde to the west of the Glasgow where the new BBC Scotland HQ from David Chipperfield and the Clyde Auditorium from Sir Norman Foster are located.

Fosters building was unfortunately closed, and although I got into the BBC building I was allowed to make pictures from everywhere except for the famous staircase right in the middle of the building!

There we took the next bus and left at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. Through the park there we went back to George Square.

The next morning we went with the car up to the Isle of Skye. But on our way there we made a stop at one of the most famous castles of Scotland, the Eilean Donan Castle. You all have seen it in the movie Highlander. There it was the castle of the clan of the MacLeods and it was one of the places I definitely wanted to see.

After that we went finally to Skye. What we did there will follow in my next report! But here is a little sneak peak!!


Samstag, 3. April 2010

Grand Tour with my brother

Hey guys,

yesterday my brother Knut arrived in Dundee for our tour through Scotland. So I showed him on a nice and sunny day Dundee. In the evening we went to a party of Grant. Unfortunately it was not as many people there as hoped. But in the same pub we met Jamie and some other students from my year. So we joined them. And it was pretty cool, because later we changed the pub where they played live music. Awesome!

This morning we than went to Glasgow. On the way, we made a stop in Stirling to visit Stirling castle. It is nearly as beautiful as Edinburgh castle.

After the checked in into the hostel, we finally arrived the city centre of Glasgow. We parked next to the cathedral, which was of course our first stop a really nice Gothic church.

After that we made a small side seeing of Glasgow around the George Square. Then, we visited the second stop I missed last time, the "Lighthouse" from Mackintosh. A nice building, with a great view over Glasgow! After dinner, it was already late; we went to the cinema, in fact to the tallest cinema, which is also in the Guinness Book of Records!


Donnerstag, 1. April 2010

April Fool's Day

Hey guys,

of course it was just a joke to April Fool's Day. I'm fine, my laptop is fine and it is a sunny day here in nice Scotland!



Hey guys,

I just here ate the University and ... well ... I quit! I've got enough of this damn island and its strange people. And this morning the best happened! My foot interlocked with the cable of my notebook, it fell on the floor and is broken! Frack!! I mean, everything is now gone. My dissertation, my project, oh and my laptop!!

And than there is this massive stress here, every second week a review made me sleep less and I ate irregular and unhealthy. I just feel really sick. And there is nothing which makes me happy. I just want to go home again!!

By the fact, that my brother is coming tomorrow, I stay at least a few days longer. I mean that is something that makes me happy, but anyway, I just booked a flight back home at the 11th of April, together with my bro.

Today I'll phone my landlord and tell him, that I gonna leave! I miss Mainz, my family and all my friends!!