Dienstag, 22. September 2009

My first golf lesson

Hey guys,

I'm just back from my first golf lesson with the University Golf Club. Therefor we drove with the bus to the Balumbie Golf Course outsite of Dundee to tee of some golf balls at the driving range.

It was really nice to be their and lucky me, Andy one of students from my group was there as well. And it's proved, that Andy is a really good player. He and another good player showed me and a girl of our golf group some nice tricks.

After our return to Dundee University we went to a pub called "Templelane" which is close to the university and seems to be the constant of golf and tennis players. There we drank some cocktails a a bit of whisky and chat about the evening and got to know each other.

Funny thing by the way. There were also some other Germans. But we all said: "Let's talk in English!" :-)


Sonntag, 20. September 2009

First week is over

Hey guys,

the first week is over, and we started straight with full speed. We were separated in 5 groups of 14 students. Our exercise: Analysis of a part of Dundee were our own design should be placed. Working together with this group is really nice and we got a really good start. We built an 1:500 model of the area and decided which points are important for our analysis. Even Jamie, our tutor said, that we are on a good way, and we may manage it without any problems.

Here are some pictures I made during the last week

Orlaith, Sammy, Sophie and Gabriella (from left)

Jill, Sammy, Gabriella, Sarah, Magnus, Andy (from left)

There are Olly, Ally, Ciaran, Dave, Blair and me as well.


Freitag, 11. September 2009

St. Andrews

Hey guys,

yesterday afternoon, after some bureaucratic matters, like getting the study card or visiting the ERASMUS office, I decided to make a visit of St. Andrews. St. Andrews is the city with the oldest Scottish university. So I took the bus to the city where Prince William studied, which took less than half an hour from Dundee. In St. Andrews are beside the university also some other very interesting places like the cathedral from 1160...

... with it's graveyard ...

... or the the castle ...

... as well as the Old Course.

It was a really nice day there. My flatmate, who works in a hotel in St. Andrews, showed me all those nice places.

There are more photos of the day in this nice place on



Montag, 7. September 2009

Such a nice day

Hey guys,

today was matriculation at the university. So I had to stand up soon. At 8 o'cklock!! :-)
The university building may not be the most beautiful building but is has a nice view to the Tay. And on the other site of the road, there is a nice Pub.

Back to topic: There I met Neil, Dundees manager of the exchange programme. He's a real nice guy. He brought me in contact with Jamie, a third year student who showed me the whole building. And more than I found myself.

After a small chat, I said: "Well! It's a sunny day ... let's make some photos. Here are a few of them!

There's wast as well!

More photos are on:



Mittwoch, 2. September 2009

... and Welcome Scotland

Hey guys,

just wanna left some words about my arrival. That was really relaxed. Ok the weather wasn't fine on Sunday, but since yesterday wo have sunshine. Bu there's a really awful story. It's always told that Scots are avaricious. I don't think so, but their cash points are. One of the ate the bankcard of my father. Of course we got it back, but I don't think that I'll ever catch up some money their.

Today I moved in my room. And after a short clean up I feel confortable. Room is bigger than I thought, and I got some good views form my desk! May not be a 5 star hotel, but it might be worst.


Goodbye Germany...

Hey guys,

just got internet today, so sorry I couldn't BLOG a single word. So what happend meanwhile? Last Sunday after a very short night, Thank you Bros., I took my plane to Scotland. When I entered the gate, which was an hour before flight, Rynair startet boarding. I said, "Woh, a Rynair flight without any problems!" ... But of course it wasn't ... After 2 or 3 minutes they had boarded nearly the half, but they all went back, because our plane wasn't finished. They all needed to stay behind the barrier like chickens in their cage. Lucky me, I wasn't boarded yet and could take a seat. Those many people led to the next. They were so many people that the door to the airfield had to stay open. And that led to a very loud alarm because the door stood open. Unlucky me, I knew what I had forgotten, "Ohropax".