Donnerstag, 25. März 2010

Barbour Up!!

Hey guys,

today is just a nice day, although it is quite rainy. But that is not that bad, because today I got my Barbour Beaufort Jacket. A nice waxjacket, which is perfect for this awful weather here at the moment. It took Barbour less than 2 months to produce it. "Great" job by the way!

Anyway, now I got it and it is mine!!

Doesn't look that awesome??

At this point, I have to thank the European Union, which had financed this jacket. Thank you!

And the jacket did not come to late, because next week my brother is coming and we are going to the Isle of Skye! And that means: "Barbour Up!!"



  1. hey, isn't spring coming to Dundee? I could work in the garden all week because of about 16-20 degrees centigrade. So over here you wouldn't need the jacket. I didn't understand that joke about the European Union.... or is it because the pound is so low right now?

  2. Oh, war der Stöhr oder Cornelius bei dir zu Besuch, dass du die neue Jacke bekommen hast?

    ;-) Grüße und frohe Ostern!