Donnerstag, 1. April 2010


Hey guys,

I just here ate the University and ... well ... I quit! I've got enough of this damn island and its strange people. And this morning the best happened! My foot interlocked with the cable of my notebook, it fell on the floor and is broken! Frack!! I mean, everything is now gone. My dissertation, my project, oh and my laptop!!

And than there is this massive stress here, every second week a review made me sleep less and I ate irregular and unhealthy. I just feel really sick. And there is nothing which makes me happy. I just want to go home again!!

By the fact, that my brother is coming tomorrow, I stay at least a few days longer. I mean that is something that makes me happy, but anyway, I just booked a flight back home at the 11th of April, together with my bro.

Today I'll phone my landlord and tell him, that I gonna leave! I miss Mainz, my family and all my friends!!



  1. hope this is only a fool's day joke, but I DON'T FIND this funny if it's so. Otherwise why don't you save your data in any other way. Dad has already booked the ship to pick you up and this was more expensive than everything else. I think this is a bad joke!!!

  2. Happens to every guy sometimes this does
    – Yoda