Montag, 26. April 2010

Torsten back in Wonderland

Hey guys,

this weekend was a nice one, because my cousin Torsten came back for a visit, this time with his girlfriend Anastasia. And they were lucky, because their flight was one of the first which flew regular after the eruption of the Icelandic volcano.

After a lunch (Steak Pie), we went to the McManus Museum and in the evening to some pubs. We ended up in The Bank Bar, where they played live music. I love that!!

Whilst I had to do some work on Saturday, they went to Edinburgh.

But therefore I got a free Sunday. First we went together to the Celtic match in Dundee. OK, Dundee lost 0:2, but there was all we need. A second yellow card, a penalty kick, skirmish on the field and molesting fans. And this all by a nice sunny weather!

After that we took the bus to St. Andrews were we walked through the old city, along the cathedral and the Old course to the beach. After some Fish and Chips we went back home.

We ended the day with watching the new Alice in Wonderland from Tim Burton. I liked that one, with its dark Burton style!


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