Freitag, 23. April 2010

The Isle of Skye - Part I

Hey guys,

sorry that my report is coming so late, but I had to focus a bit more on my dissertation and presentation. But now to Skye:

On Skye, Knut and I hiked the most of the time. At Easter Tuesday, we started our tour through Skye with a walk along the Fairy Pools at the basement of the Cuillin. Fairy Pools are natural pools which had been developed due to the movement of glaciers.

After that we visited the Talisker Distillery, the only Whiskey distillery on Skye.

The last destination on that day was the Dunvegan Castle.

And we also saw the famous cattles.

At Wednesday we went to the Neist Point Lighthouse.

There we walked along the cost, which was really nice, especially the geometry of the cliff. There we also saw young spiny lobsters.

After that we went to Loch Greshornish

After it started to rain, we went cross the road and used a shortcut through the boscage. This felt a bit like a mixture of LOST and The Lord of the Rings.

Next time I will report of the other two days on Skye and pictures of the monster of Loch Ness.


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  1. Remember the Tallisker Whisky we had last year in Dundee? Knut asked me if I knew the taste of cigarette ash........