Dienstag, 22. September 2009

My first golf lesson

Hey guys,

I'm just back from my first golf lesson with the University Golf Club. Therefor we drove with the bus to the Balumbie Golf Course outsite of Dundee to tee of some golf balls at the driving range.

It was really nice to be their and lucky me, Andy one of students from my group was there as well. And it's proved, that Andy is a really good player. He and another good player showed me and a girl of our golf group some nice tricks.

After our return to Dundee University we went to a pub called "Templelane" which is close to the university and seems to be the constant of golf and tennis players. There we drank some cocktails a a bit of whisky and chat about the evening and got to know each other.

Funny thing by the way. There were also some other Germans. But we all said: "Let's talk in English!" :-)



  1. many years ago - on a trip to France with our youth organisation of SWA - I,too, had a golf lesson, ... but never continued... it's so expensive, u need shoes, special clothes, golf equipment, time, time, time -- something u don't have, have you? what's the difference between "their" and "there"? find out.

  2. hallo Vetter,
    ich schreib lieber in deutsch. machst eine gute figur als golf caddy.