Sonntag, 20. September 2009

First week is over

Hey guys,

the first week is over, and we started straight with full speed. We were separated in 5 groups of 14 students. Our exercise: Analysis of a part of Dundee were our own design should be placed. Working together with this group is really nice and we got a really good start. We built an 1:500 model of the area and decided which points are important for our analysis. Even Jamie, our tutor said, that we are on a good way, and we may manage it without any problems.

Here are some pictures I made during the last week

Orlaith, Sammy, Sophie and Gabriella (from left)

Jill, Sammy, Gabriella, Sarah, Magnus, Andy (from left)

There are Olly, Ally, Ciaran, Dave, Blair and me as well.


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  1. wonder where you are in this picture--but a big congratulation on the improvement of your English... it's much better already