Mittwoch, 2. September 2009

Goodbye Germany...

Hey guys,

just got internet today, so sorry I couldn't BLOG a single word. So what happend meanwhile? Last Sunday after a very short night, Thank you Bros., I took my plane to Scotland. When I entered the gate, which was an hour before flight, Rynair startet boarding. I said, "Woh, a Rynair flight without any problems!" ... But of course it wasn't ... After 2 or 3 minutes they had boarded nearly the half, but they all went back, because our plane wasn't finished. They all needed to stay behind the barrier like chickens in their cage. Lucky me, I wasn't boarded yet and could take a seat. Those many people led to the next. They were so many people that the door to the airfield had to stay open. And that led to a very loud alarm because the door stood open. Unlucky me, I knew what I had forgotten, "Ohropax".


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  1. So Sören,

    I would say "lucky you" that I did not joined the event saturday evening :-) But as I heared from some others, you celebrated a quite nice leaving party. And all the best, somehow - after all the trouble with RyanAir - you arrived in Scotland I'm quite curiuos about the experiences you will certainly made. So, keep us up to date about these.

    Best wishes