Samstag, 3. Oktober 2009

One Month in Scotland

Hey guys,

now I'm here in Scotland over a month and I feel really good. Even though I have nearly been blown away by the storming wind we had in Dundee today.

But what happened in the meantime? This week we had a German visitor, Prof. Heribert Hamann from my University in Mainz. He was just on a short visit of the partner university and us three.

Then we had our first presentation of our group analysis in front of the whole year and the tutors. It was a hard day from 9 am until nearly 5 pm. Of course we were the last group. Frak!

And at last I joined a, for me quite common, way of drinking beer. In a "Boat Race" two teams drink the beer in front of themselves as fast as they can and put their glass over the top oftheir heads. Each of the team drinks half a pint and the last, the anchor, dinks a whole pint. My team took the fact that I was from Germany as a reason that I had to be the anchor.

Unfortunately we didn't win. There were two teams which were really fast. And we had to face them both. Damn! We won the first one.

I hope I'll get some photos from that night. It was really fun!


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