Montag, 12. Oktober 2009

First Day in Krakow ... and it's rainy!

Hey guys,

I just want to give a short report of today. Today we met at the Rynek market, which is the heart of the old town, at 9 am. We were parted in three groups, each with a tutor to explore th city. Unfortunately it started raining at 11 and all museums were closed on Monday.

For that reason the tutors said, "Enjoy yourself. We meet at the square once a hour and if it stops raining we go on with our tour."

After a lunch in a restaurant facing the German secretariat-general the rain stopped. It was about 14 o'clock. Then David showed us some nice parts of the town including the oldest remaining building of the university. In the courtyard of the building David started telling something about the university, but suddenly there was music. It was "Gaudeamus Igitur". There was a clock with some statues marching th the music. Really nice.

Tomorrow we will visit Nowa Huta!

Photos will be here next week. I found a USB interface, but it seems that this computer is not fast enough for this exercise!



  1. hope your camera sdcard is big enough for all the photos.

  2. I think so. Got a 4 GM CF card. I can make more photos than the display can show (999)