Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2009

Leaving Scotland, Arriving in Poland

Cześć facet,

that was Polish and means "Hey guy"!
You may wonder, why I speak in Polish? It's simple! I'm in Poland, or more precisely I'm in Krakow. But what do I do in Krakow? It's simple again, I'm on a study trip with my course year!

Unfortunately the plane started at 7:10 am, and there is no bus or train so soon to Edinburgh Airport. Damn! What did I do. Something a lot of people may have done in their lives. I slept at the airport. At least I tried and it didn't really work. You don't believe how many people there are at an airport at night. Even all the stores closed between 9 and 10. Then they started cleaning the hallways. And then, when you are close to sleep, there is a woman who asks you if you are taking one of the early flights and when you need to get up. Nice woman, but too active ;-) And at last, when you are close to returning to sleep, suddenly there is music from the next coffee store between 2 am and 2:30 am. But it still doesn't open.

So I decided not to sleep, take one or two coffees and try to sleep in the airplane. In this case, I was really lucky. When I came to the gate, there where a lot of people, but lucky me, they where all in the wrong queue. Oh well, who can read has definitely an advantage!

Having arrived in Krakow in rain, we went to our hostels. I had some problems to find mine. Because I left my directions at home. Frak! But with some help I finally found it. It's a really nice flat and I have my own room, because there is no one else *G*


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