Freitag, 21. Mai 2010

ADAS BBQ and the Degree Show

Hey guys,

the year it's coming to its end and so we all get a bit relaxed.

After getting our degrees yesterday, the ADAS (Assoication of Dundee Architecture Students) arranged a BBQ in the Magdalen Green to celebrate the end of the year

We had great weather, and by the fact that I forgot to use some sun cream I got a sunburn. But it's alright.

Today we met with our tutor Jamie in a beer garde near the School of Architecture ...

... before we went to the Degree Show in the Matthew building were selected students from the different years got some awards. It is also a chance for the students to show their family what they and the university did.

I am a bit dissepointed, that we don't have have something simulare back in Germany.



  1. So you are a bit disappointed, that we don't have anything similar in Germany. What is the Matthew? where selected student got their awards. What is your degree then?

  2. It's of course the Matthew BUILDING!!