Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

LOST - The End

If you watch LOST, read this only if you already saw most of Season 6. This May contain SPOILERS

Hey guys,

at this point I have to come out as a big LOST fan. It is my favourite TV series over the last few years. And tonight at 7/6 C the journey of Jack and co. comes to an end in the last episode with felicitous title "The End". After 6 great years with usually more questions than answers, like what is the smoke monster and what makes the island so special, we will see what this was all about. Is it a Happy End, or does the Man in Black win and leaves the island? I read no theories about the end, because I did not what to destroy the suspense which grew over the last 6 years. I only watched one trailer in a moment of weakness and regretted it at the same moment.

Probably a lot of fans will not be disappointed what Cuse and Lindelof will serve us, but I guess it is going to be a great show with a lot of action, drama and feelings. I am sure that they did their best. And I guess Michael Giacchino, one of my favourite composers, will do a great job too. I hope that he gets a Grammy for that lovely and empathising soundtrack at the end.

This lovely cartoon from Joscha Sauer was placed over the whole season on my desktop.

See more of his cartoons on:



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