Samstag, 29. Mai 2010


Hey guys,

have you seen that?? Lena, no we are winner of the EUROVISION Song Contest. I can not believe it! OK, Lena and Raab had definitely a great song compared to countries like Spain, France and Russia. Oh my good they were so awful!! And almost every country gave us some points. Some just a few, but some gave us some really big points!! I am a bit sorry for the UK. 10 Points and the last place ain't fair. You were not that bad!!

Now, next year we got the big show. And I hope Raab is doing a great job again!!


And here is the winner!!


  1. well, they've found out that in recent years the song performed towards the end of the show are among the winners, Lena was no 22 ---- so that's not a surprise. I found Denmark still better. The rest is not known to me, watched soccer and boxing. :)

  2. Yeah there were other songs which were good as well, and they are in the top positions like Romania, Denmark and Azerbaijan. But Germany got from almost every country points except of 3 or 4 which still shuffled points!!

  3. For the first time in years we got juries who gave half of the points, the other half came from the voters. That is much better!