Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

Last Weekend In Dundee

Hey guys,

I just want to give a feedback from my last weekend in Dundee, because tomorrow it's going back to Mainz.

So, what had all happened over my last few days?

Yeah, on Wednesday I beat Kev, the guy from the Games Workshop Store in my last Lord of the Rings battle on "Enemy's Terrain" *G* and leave Tolkiens country with a positive result.

On Friday I went to Fraser birthday party. It was great to see most of the guys a last time. During some nice drinks, we had some chats about, what we do in summer and if I had like my year in Scotland, what I did. After that we went to the Liquid and when they closed we had a last beer in the casino, while we were watching some guys playing blackjack or roulette.

Well, and yesterday my father arrived from his long journey with the ferry. So we went to a pub having nice dinner and a pint of beer and a whiskey. After that we watched the grand final of the ESC with the first German victory since 28 years!!

Today we had a walk through the city, doing some last shopping, got my model from the university and started packing the car!

And at last, even if it is a German car, I could drive on the WRONG side of the street! Actually it is not that difficult, than I thought!


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