Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010

The Isle of Skye - Part II

Hey guys,

I do not want to keep back the second part of my Skye report, so here it is!

After two days, which were a bit rainy, the Thursday was the first day with a lot of sun. And we needed sun. In the morning we drove to the Bearreraig Bay to collect some fossils.

Unfortunately we found nothing sensational. But we saw a shepherd who summoned his sheep down from the cliff.

After that, we just went across the street to our second destination of the day, the Old Man of Storr. The Old Man of Storr belongs to a rocky hill, the Storr, and is a 50 m weirdly shaped rock pinnacle.

Some may say even Obelix was here.

Anyway, this was our object of desire. And therefore we had to walk through a dark forest ...

... until we reached the foot of the Storr.

There, the hard walk started, but it was worth!!

Quaint, isn't it? On top of the Old Man was a raven's nest!

On the Friday we made a tour across the North of Skye.

Our first stop was Staffin, where we were looking for the dinosaurs footprints.

After that our next stop was the Trotternish Ridge, which is a range of hills, with an interesting form.

We took a hinking trail along this scene.

After our return to the car, our last stop was the Bornesketaig Gold Cave. On the way to it we saw a little highlander village. Actually it was a museum.

Then we finally arrived at the gold cave.

On the Saturday we went back to Dundee. This time we took the ferry.

But we made a break at the Urquhart Castle at the coast of Loch Ness.

We even saw the monster of Loch Ness. But it was so scary that I could not post it here. If you really want to see it, go to that link:

I will upload my photos in the next few days to this link:



  1. I'm not quite sure what fusils are, I just know what fossils are. You know, like the watch trademark ;-)

  2. Maybe you speak of some kind of weapon? Some of the fossils were certainly used as (fusils, French)weapons, weren't they?

  3. Argh!! Word tricked me ... AGAIN!!