Mittwoch, 11. November 2009

5th Season in Scotland

Hey guys,

or I shall better say HELAU GUYS! Yes, the 5th season is finally back! And where am I? In Scotland! A land without any form of carnival! Boring! But you can also celebrate on your own.

What do you need for a small party? Music! So I checked the internet for some carnival songs. On Musicload I found this CD

Unfortunately I couldn't download any songs from Musicload, because I don't live in Germany. Damn it! And now it's going to be funny. I checked just for fun the MP3-Store and they had it in store. I just downloaded it and was so happy. In fact Amazon was even cheaper.

What else do you need for a party? Oh yeah, a party pipe. So, on my way to university I made a small side trip to Tesco to get some of them. I really regret that I couldn't get a clown's nose.

The only annoying in my plan was that I totally forgot the alcohol. I had no beer or wine. Last one wasn't that bad, because the Britons make bad Weck (rolls) and Woscht (sausages). But it wasn't that bad, because I had a workshop starting at 11 UK time. Means I just had 49 minutes to celebrate. But it was a lot of fun and some of my fellow students sat there and just grinned seeing a silly German!



  1. well, we do have at least one clown's nose at home because your dad once bought them as gifts for the French exchange students. You should have thought about that earlier -I mean before going to Dundee. Now it's too late or the Scots will kill this silly German guy. Hellau anyway

  2. sorry, it's helau of course. Had too much champagne today because of neighbour's birthday.