Sonntag, 15. November 2009

Scottish Breakfast

Hey guys,

thanks to the low-pressure area over Scotland, we have a nice day, today. The fact, that I have a closing door and opening window since yesterday, and got a good response to my design this week, made this to a perfect Sunday.

But when I woke up I had real tummy rumbles. So I said: "Let's have a Scottish Breakfast to start through the day!"

Here are the ingredients I bought for this breakfast:

White beans in tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, an egg, mushrooms, bacon, sausages, Scottish butter, toast and haggis!

And here is the result. After that I was full up.

I am sorry for you in Germany, my friends. While we have nice weather through the low-pressure area, you have a cloudy weather. Hope you still have a nice day.



  1. have you learned to make haggis by now?

  2. Hey Sören, the wether was great today. The breakfast looks good. Does ist taste as it looks also as good? Greatings Thomasino

  3. yeah, nothing beats baked beans on toast. where's the marmite?