Sonntag, 22. November 2009


Hey guys,

this week I said to myself "You need to see more from Scotland!" So I booked a ticket for one of the earliest busses to Glasgow on Saturday morning. This ride took about two hours.

When I arrived in Glasgow I just walked straight to the George Square, the main place of Glasgow. Mirjam and Karla told me that there will be busses for city tours. And they were there, but they weren't driving so soon. I had to wait for an hour. But that was fine, because I was hungry and started looking for a Café. In the rest of the time I was just walking through the city centre, making a lot of photos.

At half ten, I took one of the busses and started with the tour. It's a really cool thing, because you buy a ticket and can leave the bus on several points, visit what ever you want and just get into another bus.

I took this chance to leave the bus after an hour of the tour to visit Charles Rennie Mackintosh's School of Art, which is of such an importance for architects. The representative of the Arts and Crafts movement built the school from 1897 - 1909 which is still in use. The guide told us, that there will be a big celebration in this December, on the occasion of 100 years completion. It is a so beautiful building and it was a shame that we weren't allowed to make photos. For that reason I sometimes fell back to make at least a few photos.

After the visit it was already lunch time. Therefore I went to another building designed by Mackintosh. The Willow Tearooms, which are less then five minutes away from the School of Art. There is a nice ambience there and it was interesting to sit o a replica of Mackintosh's famous chairs. The Scottish Chilli and the Earl Grey tea I had were really good.

After that I continued my ride with the tourist bus and it was funny to see that it was the same one I had left a few hours before. Than back at George Square I went to the Gallery of Modern Art.

By the fact that it's getting dark around 4 pm all the lights on the street were switched on, especially the Christmas decoration. A bit pathetic was to my opinion the Christmas fair. I mean each German village has a bigger one.

When I left the museum I decided to go shopping and this one of the big points for Glasgow. You can spend a lot of money in these untold thousands of shops. I was first looking for Dichloromethane, which I use to glue my architecture models. But I couldn't get it anywhere in Dundee. So I went into a big art store, with the hope to get it there. But they also didn't have it. So I just bought something I thought this may also work. On my further way I passed a model railway store. With my last hope I went in there, and they had it! God save the model-makers!!

All these Christmas lights remind me, that I also have to get some Christmas presents. And I got some.

Oh and I saw these guys, which we also have in Mainz, but I can't remember where they are?! That's Crazy!

After a dinner in a nice and really good Sushi Bar I took the bus back to Dundee!

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  1. hey, your pictures are just as "schief" as mine or are the building built that way?

  2. and as far as the xmas-fair is concerned: same goes for the Scottish farmers' market in Dundee in October. Small is even too big.

  3. A lot of the pics were made from a driving bus.

    In the mean time I uploaded al my pics