Freitag, 6. November 2009

Sports Union Dinner

Hey guys,

a few weeks ago, I got an e-Mail from Stuart, the leader of the University Golf Club. There'll be a dinner in November, which was always a lot of fun. I just thought "Sounds great!" And it was a chance to Suit Up!

The dinner was in a hotel, which is just 500 meters away from my flat. Awesome! But once again, there was a big building site. Damn it! So I had to walk all around the site, to get to the hotel!

In the lobby, to my surprise, I met two fellow students Hannah and Tom. It was nice to talk to some known faces before my club mates arrived. From there we saw the firework to mark the Gunpowder Plot.

We've been served a three course meal. And everyone got a half bottle of wine. It wasn't the best meal I ever ate. In fact the soup from the university's cantina was compared to the "Roast Parsnip & Five Spiced Pear Soup" even better. And the dessert, a"Fudge Parfait with Confit Orange" tasted like it was from the nearest Tesco. But at least the pork from the main course "Grilled Ayrshire Port Loin, Roast New Potatoes, Glazed French Beans, Marmalade Carrot & Apple Jus" was fine, even though the beans have been a bit to crispy for my taste.

Anyway, after the last course the organiser opened the dance floor. Apart from the dance on a standing point by moving your arms they were also dancing Cèilidh, which is a traditional Gaelic social dance. At the first time I just stand there and watched them to get an idea how this dance works. I'm still not sure how this works. By the second time someone pushed me to the dance floor. And after some minutes I started to understand the rhythm and the procedure. I really enjoyed it, even though dancing isn't my world. But I realised that you have to be in a good condition if you want to dance Cèilidh. I nearly ran out of breath.

We had a lot of fun, and I learnt some interesting new drinking games and I got in touch with the Cèilidh.



  1. did this provide a problem for you, I mean walking around the block? What did they serve for dinner?

  2. Just updated my report, because my notebook had a crash and uploaded the incomplete reporte!

    And it wasn't that big problem. Some parts from the building site were just very sludgy!

  3. It's interesting to see the similarity to Irish Gaelic, because I just did this in class and there is some information about the céili master and so on in a summer school text.