Sonntag, 29. November 2009

Dundee Christmas Fair

Ho ho ho guys,

today on the first advent and reading of friends in Germany who are joining Christmas fairs, I got the first Christmas feelings of the year. So I went to the city today. There was this week a kind of Christmas fair. There were a lot of food booths with international fare and booths where you got all kinds of jumble.

I took this as a chance to have some lunch. I started with a German bratwurst. Awesome!! I mean some of the stuff which I had here was really good. But they can't make good sausages! And this one tasted really like a German one. After that I also tried a Kangaroo Burger and a portion of Paella, which was made by a Frenchman!

A bit freezing I was looking for a stand, where I could buy a warm drink. I just walked along the fair. I mean, I was sure I wouldn't find one which sold mulled wine. But I couldn't find anything. Therefore I turned back I started walking home. When I passed the last booths I couldn't contain myself. One of the stands sold mulled wine. Perfect ending! OK, it wasn't the best I ever had, but it was mulled wine. And that's what count.

At last I had a Christmas Pudding for tea time. Actually it tastes very good!


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  1. see, that's why we made sausages of our own in Egypt. Hope, you don't feel homesick because of Xmas. Try to make the best of that time in Scotland, which means try to celebrate it the way the English, sorry, the Scots do.
    The Christmas fair looks very much like the Farmers' Market in October.