Sonntag, 1. November 2009


Hey guys,

tonight was the night, Halloween, the night of the living dead. Usually Halloween isn't my thing, because we have Fastnacht and the hype of Halloween in Germany of the last years is gone. But I said, well it's one of the most important days here, so join it.

Then I started thinking how to masquerade. I thought Halloween must be scary, so what's scary? Maybe something living dead?! First I got the idea of a mummy, but then Charlotte, a fellow student, meant I could also go as a zombie. And I said: "Well, I have this awful flannel shirt, which is already a Halloween costume!"

So, I went to the joke store, which is just two houses away and got some stuff. Make up, false teeth and faked wounds. I think the store had yesterday the highest volume of sales, because there were so many people that some of them had to wait outside of the store. Okay, it's a really small store.

In the evening I started to adorn myself. I always put a lot of details in my costumes, so I hope you like it.

In the later evening I went to the house of Jill and Andrea. They made a small Halloween party, before we all went to the other big parties. Last week I got fortunatelya one of the last tickets for the Halloweenparty in the Union. And it was good that I got one, because if I hadn't I wouldn't got in. And I still had to stand in a lane over a quarter of an hour, to get in. It was so busy there. Amazing!

It was a cool night. I had a lot of fun, but still prefer Fastnacht. Now I need to find a green suit.


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