Sonntag, 1. November 2009

Dundee United vs. Glasgow Rangers

Hey guys,

what's the best thing you could do after a party all night long? Yes, football. And there was a really promising match today in Dundee. Dundee United against the Glasgow Rangers. Awesome!! The only problem, I had no ticket. But when I watched through the window, I saw rain. So I said "There should be some free stands.

Therefore I left my flat to go to the stadium. When I left my flat I saw that in the meantime construction workers had ruptured the street.

When I arrived at the station I asked one of the stewards if there are still tickets. He wasn't sure and told me where the ticket store is. But I hadn't found it immediately, because it was just a small hole in the wall of the stadium. Anyway, before I found it I found an old man who wanted to sell one of his tickets. I was lucky. I just paid 20 Pounds for a ticket which usually costs 25. And the seats were really good. Close to one of the goals, in the Rangers block. An we were well sheltered from the rain.

In the first half-time we saw an exciting match. Dundee was really trigger and two times only the crossbar saved the Rangers from a leeway. But in the 29th minute the Rangers gained in lead by a goal of Steven Davis.

But the rain was really heavy, the ball stuck on the lawn and very often players just slipped on the lawn. For that reason referee Mike Tumilty abandoned the match at half-time due to the waterlogged pitch.

So, actually I still haven't seen a whole British football match, only the half. Damn it! Anyway, it was still really cool to see the game and feel the atmosphere. Maybe I'll go to another one when it's nice weather. The next home game is against Celtic.



  1. Hey Sören,

    the Rangers are too strong for the VFB or can be struck them? Which is your opinion?
    You know, that these play on 24. Nov. in Glasgow.
    Greetings Thomasino

  2. The Rangers don't play a good season. So, it's possible eventhough the VfB don't play that good. I meen they are behind the FSV ;-)

    24. Nov., are there still tickets available from the VfB?

    Oh, and the re-arranged fixture is the 15th Dec.